Meute -Pack Training



This is where we hunt:

This is what we don't hunt

this is what we "hunt"

We train our dogs for the hunting test : brevet de chasse, we do not kill the game, there is no need for this, in France we call this: chasse au bâton, pas de prise, pas de prélèvement

Puppies from birth to hunting- Vom Welpen zum Jagdhund- du chiot au chien de chasse

the adult now- et maintenant les adultes- und so sieht es aus, wenn sie dann groß sind 

wild boar hunting Manny, Obi, Ornella, Orphelia

First hunt outside the training parc

9 month old: follow the master

Obedience: every day- every single day...

8 month old: come back to the master

6 month old: ring of honour World Dog Show

I know, you may think, just dogs for hunting and walkingin hte fields but all this training prepared them to show themselves off in the main ring at the World Dog Show with 33500 dogs entered. 

6 month old: walk on a leash with the master

3 month old: play and follow, just a veeeery smooth way

2 month old: follow the master- still needs training :)

choose the puppy Welpenauswahl Choisir son chiot





hoch sozialisiert



bien socialisé



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