Field Spaniel nov 2022

Stammbaum von Zukünftiger Wurf
Zukünftiger Wurf Cocolambton The Conquerer Prince Arthur vom Belauer See At Nadavin Ewtor Mc Ewan at Nadavin Ewtor Connoisseur Coralmist Crescendo For Drakesleat
Ewtor All That Jazz
Ewtor Cognac Nadavin Inheritance
Ewtor Driving Me Crazy
Winterbourne Move On To Belauer See Törnskogens Tom Timmerman Sandscape Highland Light
Periwinkle's Black Beauty
Winterbourne Whoops-A-Daisy Fieldstar Mio Tanboy
Vätterbygdens Chocolate Chili
Cocolambton Mulberry Nadavin Rothesey Tayowen Touch Of Diplomacy Gamefell Gambit
Tayowen Touch Of Dreams
Nadavin Lecea Nadavin Josiah for Elgert
Nadavin Golden Girl
Cocolambton Clary Ewtor Mc Ewan at Nadavin Ewtor Connoisseur
Ewtor Cognac
Cocolambton Amber Jesham Dragonfly
Maydene Marvel
Didilcom's Hen Hudoliaeth Yn Siarad A Chi Canefields R U Fooling Me Sonnetend Canefields Touch Tayowen Touch Of Dignity Gamefell Gambit
Tayowen Touch Of Dreams
Elgert Cadenza For Sonnetend Winfarthing's Jonathan Archer for Mishules
Nadavin Lilianna for Elgert
Elgert Canefields Chatter Kingsmist Eternal Knight Tayowen Touch Of The Knight
Kingsmist Anneliese
Reedmace Sweetbriar Floss For Elgert Elgert Jubilate For Reedmace
Reedmace Potcheen Bunratty
Ikikulta Tarina Tove Didilcom's Hen Hairicín Stoirme Periwinkle's Pure Moonlight Periwinkle's Cinnamon
Ixia Britannia
Mandolic Kehäkukka Maifield Lars Leevi
Winterbourne Voodoo Witch
Princes Ariel For Fortune-Favoured Elgert D'Zzee Rascal With Sonnetend Kingsmist Eternal Knight
Elgert Aloysisa
Hira-Britt For Fortune-Favoured Aybo Of Bloodline
Brittley for Fortune-Favoured
62 von 62 Hunden Dieser Stambaum wurde erzeugt von der Fleckenbase 55 Ahnen

We found this stud dog in Kent, England, 1500km from our home

a pedigree to enlarge the genetic pool, we expect:


- healthy offsprings,

- enough show potential to be shown in the ring and 

- enough solid- basic breed bloodlines to be able to work the puppies in the fields

Cocolambton The conqueror

Didilcom's Hen Hudoliaeth Syarad a chi French and Spanish Show Champion Working title (hunting)

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