Our breeding challenge: Get a dog, enjoy life, show, hunt or do what ever you want


1. Health

All our dogs are tested for:

hips and ellbow 

eye (prcd-PRA)

FN: kidney

DNA identified




2. Character

we take our puppies out for some adventures, if we we married the right parents, then the puppies should be fine, too. Right?

and we train them early for the hunt, these are working breeds

3. beauty

not necessary for the dog to have fun but a dog bred to its standard allows him to do his work and to stay healthy and to become famous- or you become famous

4. working abilities- yeah

a 10 week- old Field Spaniel puppy retrieving a pheasant (Seahorse du Pech de la Ginestelle)

We do work all our dogs. Some are better some are doing just what they need to pass the hunting trial here in France.

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